[SOLVED] Certain Font Awesome icons not showing in Xamarin iOS

Problem None of the icons in the FA v4.7 release were showing up for me, while all the others were… so I had a basic working scenario but not entirely. Background I was doing a simple approach of showing the icons in a Label like so: <Label FontFamily="FontAwesome" Text="&#xf2b5;" /> I had my FontAwesome.ttf file under the iOS project’s Resources folder and via a font explorer tool I confirmed that the v4.

Xamarin iOS Provisioning Gotchas

I managed to create scenario where debugging from Visual Studio 2017 to iOS Simulator was giving me absolute fits because the error messages are so unhelpful… as usual, it was my own fault of course, but gosh it’s scary how easily one can fall in that deep dark pit where hopes and dreams go to die ; ) Example Error Messages Application X need to be rebuilt due to an inconsistency between the connected Mac and the local app Visual Studio cannot start the application automatically because it was signed with a Distribution provisioning profile.

Troubleshooting Prism Xamarin Forms

for the record i’m currently running with the Unity DI framework totally silent app crash on NavigateAsync this is super frustrating when you don’t get any exception stack at all to go on… i can’t tell you how many times i’ve brainfarted a simple typo bug which blows up the xaml parse … so check that well before you get too cranky… e.g. i always forget the “{Binding }” around my commands!

Exposing Azure Function web API to native & web clients through Azure AD authentication

Problem Azure AD writeups are prevalent but I was really struggling to find examples of calling the same Azure Function API, secured by Azure AD Authentication, by both Native as well as Web clients (since we can only select one app type in the Azure AD App registration, not both). TL;DR The kicker solution for me was having both a web and native App registration (i.e. two Client Id’s) and providing the WEB App registration’s Application Id as the “RESOURCE” parameter to the AuthenticationContext.

Solving Visual Studio 2017 -> Xamarin Mac Agent connectivity issues

this seems to be a recurring theme for me so i expect to be throwing more bones on this pile as the sands of time leave behind our lives sublime Xamarin Forums Post i had VS2017 doing iOS builds just yesterday but for some reason was getting persist Mac Agent “can’t connect” errors today… and zilch in the xam logs to go on, yikes… thankfully struck me to look at Mac “Console” system.

Lighter Spin on ADAL in Xamarin Forms

tl;dr new-up the elusive “PlatformParameters” in your AppDeligate.cs::FinishedLoading / MainActivity.cs::OnCreate   ts;wm (too short; want more ; ) thankfully we have solid writeups on ADAL with XF… this post is just me trying to boil it down to essence and PCL as much as possible… (BTW: ADAL = Active Directory Auth Lib… i needed it for PowerBI embedding) http://www.appzinside.com/2016/02/22/implement-adal-for-cross-platform-xamarin-applications/ https://blog.xamarin.com/authenticate-mobile-apps-using-microsoft-authentication-library/ the first post keeps the platform specific surface area pretty minimal but also winds up wrappering the stock ADAL classes quite a bit…

Toggle XAML <> Code-Behind in Visual Studio 2015, ReSharper, Xamarin Forms

Quickly bouncing between .XAML and corresponding .CS file just seems like an obvious need… i feel like we used to have this in WPF but it’s been a few years for me. Short Story: this approach simply maps preferred hotkey to ReSharper’s “Go To Related Files” command… sorry if that’s not an expense you care to bear but it’s a great tool for numerous reasons if you can spring for it Visual Studio > Tools menu > Options > Environment > Keyboard “Show commands containing” edit box enter: relatedfiles select “ReSharper.

Script to generate dozens of required iOS app icon images

Motivation there are a number of free icon generating web sites available which begs the question whether a script like this provides any value… but leveraging a robust image manipulation utility like imageMagick to apply unique aesthetics makes a DIY approach like this more compelling… along those lines, in the current script, i’m applying: custom “centering” – for the splash images where the icon sits inside of a larger background, i’ve found positioning the icon 2/7ths of the way down from top to be the most pleasing outer glow