Georeference Trail Map Image to mobile Google Earth

Nutshell Start with a raw PDF/PNG/JPG trail map and load into mobile Google Earth (GE) to provide live GPS tracking while you’re hiking the trails. Basic tools to obtain: A “KMZ Builder” (Android) – to convert raw image into a KMZ file. The primary task here is mapping specific pixel points on the image to their real life lat/long (aka Georeference). The easiest freebie I’ve found so far is Google’s tool for Android.

Evolving a custom ADO.Net based repository

Full GitHub Source demo post Concept A framework for maintaining column specific repository consistency with database update “side effects”. Prerequisites Stored procedures = business rules yep, i said it… My data layer is basically a home grown spin on ADO.Net Typed DataSets i.e. “Business” Class wrappers around ADO.Net classes (DataSets, DataRelations, DataTables, DataViews, DataRows, DataRowViews, etc).  I like to keep the majority of my business rules in stored procedures (“procs”).

Crazy Proxy Remote Virtual World, or – my first courtship with Google Voice

Live in Germany, just got invited to Google Voice (YES!)… anxious to get this rolling so RDP’d into my home machine from work …. course Google don’t support outside US yet but I only want a US number to give to my friends back home anyway … immediately went Proxy spelunking… landed on PHProxy first since it has a convenient FireFox plugin… got me through the front door on the Google Voice US check but all the Ajax stuff was failing… FoxyProxy next… hmm lots of instructions… looks flexible… why don’t any of these things comes with a default proxy list yet?