Mockup / Wireframe / Prototype Tools

Balsamiq “Mockups” demo video Adobe AIR based licensed$$ desktop version – very full featured Web based demo – works well for quick thoughts Pencil free Cross platform desktop app Sketchy stencil for the “low fidelity” look Gliffy free basic web functionality $$ubscription model for featured version SketchFlow is apparently coming back to VS2012 – Microsoft seems to be in a bit of a tizzy buttoning down all the loose ends in the latest transition to all things immersive.

MS Project 101 for Developers

(Emphasis on For Developers) BLUF: the simple idea here is that it’s quite easy to project your aggregated Remaining Duration estimates into a quickie calendar date. capture a list of rational tasks – do an initial break down by individual screen if you don’t have something else in mind… a little sub-task depth is good but don’t go too deep at first… in typical software architecture, program functions and/or database objects are good candidates.

Big Swinging Developer

Like what Jay Grieves has to say 3 Words That Guarantee Success Getting Things Done vs. Making Things Happen The Dead Simple Guide To Making Things Happen First-Rate Companies Have First-Rate Systems

Google Wave – WOW For all you folks working on any kind of collaboration solution, this seems like THE thing to have on your radar… It’s not just a standalone product but an API to be woven into our own mashups. Here’s the gen-x attention span version… very handy to start getting a quick feel.Watch the long video directly on YouTube so you can maximize it.Seems like this was announced this May (at the Google “I/O”  ’09 conference).