LED Projectors

This is THE real wave of the future… Finally, we’ll get to leave the whole stupid bulb replacement game behind!  LED light source has lifespan specs of 20,000 hours!  LED’s are the low temp light source we all love in those nifty new flash lights these days.  Contrast specs will also be a thing of the past, they’re rating this model at 100,000:1!!  Looks like they’re still working on getting the light level output up to snuff, this was only rated at a very anemic 800 lumens… i’m sure that’s only a matter of time as well.

Projector Cables & Connections – More Complex Than You’d Think (or “VGA vs Component vs HDMI vs DVI” :)

ProjectorCentral.com (2/26/01): “So what is Component Video anyway?” ProjectorCentral.com (4/12/01): “Is SVGA enough for good video?” ProjectorCentral.com (9/30/04): “DVI and HDMI Video Connections” – so HDMI isn’t some magical cure-all for long distance video cabling (at least it wasn’t circa 2004, perhaps this gap has been closed at this point… i shall soon find out… I’m getting a freebie 25ft HDMI cable with recently ordered projector, so build quality could be iffy… and i’ve gotta adapt it off of my DVI video card which probably drops a couple impedance points at the juncture) ProjectorCentral.

Optoma EX525ST – A worthy short throw projector?

  Main standout feature is ultra “short throw”… drives a 40” display at only 1.5 ft away from the wall!  (2.5 ft =  60” display, 4 ft = 100”). I’m interested in something that will support projecting to the ceiling from a bedside table in addition to the usual setups. Wondering if the short throw would provide for easier location swapping… less mounting required…set it on top of something close to desired wall and go.