“Hot Corners” for Windows (PowerShell)

GitHub files PoShHotCorners “Hot Corners” for Windows install none really, simply download the ico and ps1 files to a folder and launch the ps1 please note MakeShortcut.cmd batch file provided for convenience … throw resulting .lnk file in your “run on startup” folder if you like: "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" as you can see, the batch file simply runs shortcut tool xxmklink.exe with appropriate arguments notes currently coded to power down monitors triggered by mouse in lower right corner … but it’s just powershell folks, so think grand!

Migrate from Delicious to Diigo

Delicious set the standard but they’ve been a bit of a bumpy ride lately with reliability… according to their blog blog they recently moved back to old code base and Del.icio.us domain (ah memories :)… and then just as of today just got their settings page operational such that I could successfully export my bookmarks and hop to another free link lily pad… the export yields a simple html file full of links.

PowerShell Dual Windows Explorers

  Nutshell: Hosting two Windows File Explorers inside a WinForm… with the potential of sprinkling some utility hotkeys on top – e.g. “copy from left to right”.   Full source on GitHub   Highlights: Always wanted to try this and just finally got around to it… and it actually works to a decent degree. This is of course well covered ground with various other file managers… i just wanted to see if you could do it this poor man’s way with PowerShell driving… so one could readily make it one’s own with further customizations I was a longtime fan of Directory Opus… I think it’s significant that this meager alternative is customized via standard PowerShell vs a 3rd party scripting environment that must be learned… i.

Excel – Select (Delete) Blank Rows

From here: http://www.theexceladdict.com/_t/t031008.htm Reflecting Microsoft’s current button naming in Excel 2010… Select a column possessing representative blanks, from top to bottom. F5. “Special…” button – here’s where the magic happens… “Blanks” radio button. “Delete” ribbon button/menu (under Home tab) – “delete sheet rows” menu item.

The Perfect Desktop

This should really be titled “Endlessly Searching For… The Perfect Desktop”… circa Windows 7, this is a reasonably satisfying mock of OS X’s desktop: Dock Currently using StarDock’s ObjectDock for the main OS X cool factor dock at the bottom… there’s of course been others over the years, WinStep, Rocket, XWDock… while grateful for their efforts in what must be an unrewarding niche, i always wind up wanting more :)