Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)

The “CISS” ink kit I went with is <$60 USD and if you’re a friend I’d obviously help you set it up… this unit has been working solidly for two years now. Once you get your head around this ink tank thing, it’s a totally simple concept which _just works_… It feels SO awesome to finally flip the bird to the whole cartridge rat race and let your family crank out ink sucking job after job without a care in the world!

Canon’s consumer inkjet printer + scanner workhorses

This is the Canon MP830 that I got two years ago for ~$200:   As of 07 Oct 2009 it’s now the MX860 that’s sitting in that slot… progress marches on 🙂   As with all this consumer electronics cr_p there’s no guarantees it’ll be all sunshine and daisies…The initial unit I received had some serious problems that can now confidently chalk up to a solid lemon syndrome… I returned it and the brand new replacement I got back has had absolutely zero issues and is still cranking like a champ as of Q4 2009!