PowerShell Photo Slideshow

GitHub Source Project Description Photo slideshow implemented in PowerShell -> Windows Forms Simply target a (nested) folder of images. Local or LAN UNC path supported.     Features: task tray icon to start slideshow on demand… otherwise kicks off after user defined idle timeout (honors running video) good randomization - one soon realizes pleasantly random photos are the key want of a photo slideshow … fortunately PowerShell has a readily available random commandlet that seems to do quite well persists “lastShown” for each subfolder and avoids re-showing within XX days (currently 1 month) image fade-in and slide for ambience several hotkeys functional: open current image folder copy current image to My Photos rotate current image (and save) - generally honors EXIF rotation metadata where present, this option allows for manual correction where EXIF is missing reverse to previously shown photo (left cursor) pause/play (space) hotkey legend pops up on any other keypress screen click functions: double click in center hides slideshow single click in center pauses slideshow click arrows on far left and right for prev/next image skips .

Zenphoto – Hide ‘Dot’ Files

Pretty annoying there’s no easy built in way to not show images based on hidden file attribute. Best I could determine, one must implement dos “attrib” command or equivalent from PHP “exec” on every file in order to respect hidden file attribute (that sounds like way too much overhead to add on to my already pokey image gallery). I’m floored file attribs aren’t part of a more robust PHP file object but I guess this kind of stuff is hard to support in an OS neutral way.

Add Video overlay Icon to Zenphoto Thumbnails

Edit zp-coretemplate-functions.php, look for printCustomSizedImage() function and edit it to switch to using style=”background:url(‘’)” as shown below. Configure overlay image: Start with a completely transparent png the same height and width as your thumbnails (168 pixels in my case) Find a preferred icon for the image (perhaps via Google Image Search) and paste that into your transparent background… downsizing and hiding it in a corner is a nice effect as well as adding a little bit of transparency For example:

Understanding Exposure

This is a great book by a Mr. Bryan Peterson Make sure you get the latest edition (currently Aug.2010). Bryan has a an easy going writing style packed with tons of real examples. It’s not a very long book (~175 pages) and there are lots of great example photos filling up nearly every page. It is highly rated on Amazon… only $20 with shipping. Basic takeaways for my own future reference: Bryan uses the term “Exposure Triangle” to relate the three interrelated fundamentals of capturing ideal exposure: F-stop (aperture size), Shutter Speed and ISO.

[SOLVED!] Photoshop CS5 – Detected Video Card: Blank

TL;DR Just go into Help > System Info before you do anything else, that’s it. TS;WM Unbelievable but this works 100% of the time on my current rig running Photoshop CS5 on Windows 7 with an ATI x1300 Pro graphics card (yeah yeah it’s far from a graphics superstar but honestly it does everything I need, including Photoshop 3D mode just fine thank you 🙂 Anyway, the area under Edit > Preferences > Performance > GPU Settings > Detected Video Card would always come up blank.

Self-hosting Zenphoto on Windows 7 (IIS7, PHP & MySQL)

I really like ZenPhoto – it’s a solid photo gallery with an easy point and click web admin GUI. The main thing I dig is that i can point it at my main photos folder on my hard drive (via a quick symbolic link) and it goes to town dynamically publishing whatever I drop there without any other fiddling… that’s photo sharing nirvana if you ask me. [Update: 25 Oct 2010] After running the gallery for a couple days I’d have to say Apache did a better job at popping the pages back than what I’ve got setup under IIS so far… maybe Apache just deals with these more CGI oriented modules better than IIS can for some fundamental reason… I do have PHP “FastCGI” enabled for IIS… any performance tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I’ll have to go find some trace tools to see where it’s spending most of its time.