[SOLVED] Bare CNAME with MX record

just thought i’d throw this out into the interwebz since it seems to be such a well known no-can-do that is actually a very handy can-do (where applicable)… Background DNS admin warnings advise against doing a “bare” (no prefix) CNAME along with an MX record, example Disclaimer What i’m successfully demonstrating here is clearly non-standard according to the specs… however, i’ve proven it does work for SOME servers implementation of the standards (including major provider Office 365 on the MX side) so it’s worth trying with your servers if this provides a convenient solution for your needs… and it will be immediately verifiably working or not; no “sometimes” ambiguity to worry about.

Free SSL Certs

LetsEncrypt.org is a wonderfully progressive initiative… free certs for all, to promote better internet security, nice!   this windows tool made quick work of plugging it into IIS vs the more unix’y stuff they suggest on their home page literally just seconds to launch the win tool and hitting a key to select which IIS site you want the cert for… none of the ol’ CSR hassle, yay!   Tips:

[SOLVED] Comodo v7 blocking HTTP/S and FTP/S on Windows 8.1 IIS 8.5

Besides opening incoming HTTP ports in the firewall via “Global Rules”, the annoying thing for me to find was also adding an “Application Rule” for “Windows Operating System” on those same ports. Comodo v7.0.317799.4142 And this guy explains what’s necessary for FTP very nicely… in comodo > global settings > application rule – add 20,21 & 5000-6000 as allowed incoming TCP ports on “Windows Operating System”… you will also hopefully get prompted to allow svchost which is responsible for running the ftpsvc on internet router – forward ports 20,21 and 5000-6000 in IIS FTP settings require SSL firewall support – put external wan address in  firewall support at *SERVER* level (not site) – set ports 5000-6000 point ftp site a folder create login for ftp and make sure it has access to folder when “ Response: 530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.

Blogger Custom Domain

(taken from here) Enter Blogger Dashboard Settings Under Publishing section: Enter your custom domain in the first box complete with the www prefix. Check the redirect box under it. Save those settings. You’re done with the Blogger side. Log in to your domain registry account (Name.com, GoDaddy, etc.) First, especially if you ported your domain from another registrar like me, make sure that your domain is set to use your new registrar’s Nameservers.

Configuring a Windows 7 PC as a WiFi Router

Update 2011-07-11: Primary WiFi client user ran into dismal buffering on video streaming… that’s primary usage scenario so PC as a Router is a NO-GO.  I loaded DD-WRT (following the wiki guide) and it’s working much better… should have done that in the first place, thanks bro! :)  (read something about a port forwarding bug in the standard build and went with the recommend VPN build) I finally gave up on my piece of sh_t Linksys WRT310N as a viable router… I can’t believe those guys can sell such crap… even on the latest firmware (09/09/2010 v1.

Considering Home Network Storage Alternatives

My current bottom line is that I’ve got a 6 x SATA ICH9R just sitting there on my main Windows 7 machine’s mobo for free so I slapped on 2 TB x 2 in RAID1, published a few shared folders and leave that machine powered on 24⁄7. After everything else (optical & OS drives) I had two ports left doing nothing so the previous gen 750GB’s x 2 are in RAID0 receiving scheduled backups for a little more cheap peace of mind.

Enable IIS7 under BitDefender 2009 Firewall Rules

Create the following rule and make sure that it’s positioned numerically “above” (i.e. lower number) than all the service.exe related rules… especially above the main “deny” rule at the last slot… i’m assuming we’re dealing with the System process because IIS7 (Windows Vista/Server 2008) moved the core listener daemon responsibility down to a lower level than W3SVC.exe 

Nifty 'WhatIsMyIP' Script – put current WAN IP on Clipboard

Pre-req’s: 4NT – love love love that little bugger… but i guess PowerShell is probably the new cool kid in town for this kind of stuff  ‘echos’ command in 4NT outputs test w/o a linefeed… so I can tack something else I wanted onto the URL… obviously the sky is your limit (can’t find the equivalent in PowerShell yet??) curl – everybody’s favorite web mashup tool echos http:// >clip: