[Solved] Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey jQuery sideload and setInterval

i was having a heck of a time keeping a reliable handle on jQuery in the Pandora page… it would be there upon initial Greasemonkey script execution but then upon subsequent setInterval executions, the jQuery global variable was undefined… fascinating…   notable: as i was debugging, i started to see that Chrome was cycling through four ( 4 ! ) different VMxxxx “copies” of the greasemonkey script upon each setInterval execution… questions like why?

iTunes finally has “add to play up next”

WHY did that take till 2013?!? Can’t believe they whacked CoverFlow in iTunes 11… I guess I’ll probably forget how much I liked the full screen CoverFlow eventually but man what a wild judgment call on Apple’s part there.

Ode to Griffin AirClick USB – Radio Frequency PC Media Remote

This little bugger just so totally rocks!!!  IMHO the most compelling aspects are: It’s cheap :). They tend to go for around $10-$25. There are still some out there on eBay from time to time (not now) and also Amazon at the moment. It’s Radio Frequency technology – so you can zap iTunes to the next song from around the corner or out in the yard!!  Even my fancy iMON VFD remote is Infrared based (limited by line-of-site) and that winds up being a deal breaker in my environment… couch faces projector wall away from the PC, IR = major fail!

CTRL, 1 – Mutes Windows Sound?!?!

Is this a standard???  I can’t find reference to this hot key sequence out there in Google land. You need to hit CTRL, release and then hit 1, not CTRL-1, i.e don’t hold down CTRL. On my (*non* Windows Media Keys Keyboard under Windows 7) system here, it works with both left and right CTRL and main keyboard or numeric keyboard “1”.   Google Keywords: Windows 7, Audio, Mute, Volume, Control, CTRL, 1, One


This thing totally rocks!… essentially flawless implementation of global hotkeys plugin to control iTunes and also sweet configurable heads-up-display functionality (example shot below)… if you’ve been looking for this kind of functionality, look no further! (waaaay more functional than the clunky Aqua-Soft mmKeys.dll plugin that’s out there) Super bonus points: the developer Carson Morrow is a great guy… very responsive!

Considering Home Network Storage Alternatives

My current bottom line is that I’ve got a 6 x SATA ICH9R just sitting there on my main Windows 7 machine’s mobo for free so I slapped on 2 TB x 2 in RAID1, published a few shared folders and leave that machine powered on 24⁄7. After everything else (optical & OS drives) I had two ports left doing nothing so the previous gen 750GB’s x 2 are in RAID0 receiving scheduled backups for a little more cheap peace of mind.

Logitech S715i Portable iPod Speakers Review

My primary usage scenarios is small group biking… want something that can carry some punchy bass to nearby riders over typical road/wind noise w/o being clunky or adding too much weight (we have to hop on/off a lot of trains/stairs, etc)… Highlights Reviews / Links   Retail: $150, Street: $132 Released Aug 2010 8 speakers! = 2 x 3” neodymium mid drivers, 2 x 1.

Free iTunes Album Cover Artwork + Embed Artwork Image to MP3 via iTunes COM API SDK w/JavaScript

Misc Notes: Given: iTunes has some pretty high quality cover art for many albums (all images are standard 600 x 600 pixels). The basic trick here is that you can sign up for a free iTunes account (without providing any credit card or other personal info)… And use that account to download the cover artwork for free. Then run my script which will automate iTunes to extract the cover from iTunes’ special stash and save it as a real local image file -AND- then embed that image back into the MP3 file so that it stays with the MP3 file no matter where it gets transferred.

WinAmp Play History Blog “Badge”

update: alas, yahoo pipes is no more : (   So hopefully you’re already a WinAmp fan if you’re reading this but if not, load up the latest WinAmp (v5.56 at the moment) Orgler is the name for WinAmp’s recent Play History plug-in Sign up for a music.AOL.com account via the Orgler options menu shown below (this provides the bucket for your personal play history data… takes 2 seconds, no fee) Play some music 🙂 (a) Your feed will start showing up at a URL like this: http://music.

(Fairly) Quick & Painless Streaming of Your Local Audio

Here’s the basic pieces I plugged together: MediaMonkey is my preferred mp3 player: www.MediaMonkey.com MediaMonkey supports WinAmp API plugins which provides an excellent pool to draw nifty add-ons from EdCast (formerly “OddCast”) comes in various implementations, one of which is a WinAmp plugin that sends your current song to a ShoutCast (or IceCast) server: http://www.oddsock.org/tools/edcast/ I chose the EdCast plugin versus ShoutCast’s own plugin because EdCast got the song name and artist to come through Media Monkey and ShoutCast’s plugin has a known issue that this feature only works with WinAmp ShoutCast DNAS (Distributed Network Audio Server) – streams the audio out to clients: http://www.