Georeference Trail Map Image to mobile Google Earth

Nutshell Start with a raw PDF/PNG/JPG trail map and load into mobile Google Earth (GE) to provide live GPS tracking while you’re hiking the trails. Basic tools to obtain: A “KMZ Builder” (Android) – to convert raw image into a KMZ file. The primary task here is mapping specific pixel points on the image to their real life lat/long (aka Georeference). The easiest freebie I’ve found so far is Google’s tool for Android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P6800)

(My previous go to device, the Samsung Q1 Ultra.  She served us well. 🙂 Have we come a long way in 5 short years??? Samsung’s Official Landing Page for the gtab 7.7 Highlights: 7.89mm (0.31 inch) thick – just amazing to hold 345 grams (0.76 lb) – makes for a great eReader… the brushed Alu back is nicely grippy after your hand has warmed it up for few secs (our Kindle 3G is 247g, 8.

GPS / Mapping / Garmin – Tips

GMapToGPX – Export Google Maps route to GPX which then imports to all Garmin stuff ,etc. Garmin – Seems like a fun way to start posting our routes and sharing. – route sharing forum that does have Germany content

GPS Receivers

Garmin GPS Models Here’s the main page for the receiver only products (so called “OEM”) 10x (BlueTooth) – this is the one Andrew and I have I finally got it to work well with my WinXP BlueTooth stack by turning off “AUTO CONNECT” checkbox buried under the BlueTooth virtual serial port properties Andrew has always said it works well with his HP WinCE based hand held Runs on a rechargeable battery so you do have to tether it (with included USB cable) every once in a while to recharge Garmin also included the cigarette lighter power adapter in my package… Pretty sure I wound up with two of these due to a screwed up initial shipment so I have a spare in case you don’t wind up with one… cigarette lighter to mini-usb is kindof a handy thingy to have in general these days… would charge other USB power based stuff like MP3 players etc.

Samsung Q1U-V Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC)

[Update: 5 Apr 2012] Just popped for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. [Update: 19 Aug 2009] Windows 7 totally rocks on this thing!!! At least as peppy as XP, probably better. has some more good photos, AT THE BOTTOM some of my own photos Samsung’s Q1U landing page (Interesting, they just (Sept. 19th, 2008) withdrew their links for the Vista model that I got –for obvious reasons– looks like the new “Premium” model with a beefier CPU is the currently promoted Vista solution) Samsung Software & Drivers Page