KeePass + Cloud Storage = (near) Password Nirvana

Update 2015-09-27: Neato! In June of 2015 the author has applied a mod which allows for KeePassHttp to be served from somewhere other than localhost… there are security implications to be considered here but as long as you know how to cover your bases it opens some nice possibilities to have a single KeepPass instance provide password resolution to multiple clients… e.g. a VM guest, other machines in your home, etc.

Man Cave Bling – Beer Fridge – Koldfront 80 (BBR900BL) by EdgeStar

First one was a dud out of the box. Just didn’t cool at all. EdgeStar support said it was missing coolant. Took them about 2 full weeks to turn around the replacement. They paid all replacement shipping via printed return label. It was a new serial number, not a repair of my old one, and it looked new. I am very satisfied now with this second unit and would definitely recommend it.

Our 4-Hour Body Recipe

Ferris gets right to his go-to Mexican oriented mix pretty quick into the fat loss section of the book… it’s very quick reading to pick up his basic approach.   Here’s how we’ve taken that and made it our own: Full Size White Onion chopped up (probably any kind of onion will do) Full Size Tomato chopped up Full Green or Red Bell Pepper chopped up Can of Black Beans (pinto and kidney work as well of course… we just really like black beans) Grilled Large Chicken Breast Those items are all basically on a 1:1 ratio.

Very interesting (old) BBC series by James Burke – tracks the thread of inventions underlying our specialized society I’ve watched episodes 1-4 so far… 4 is a pretty good one Simply starting at the beginning seems good too Make sure you take advantage of the preconfigured playlists — look for “(play all)” — so they queue up and you can watch them straight through w/o having to continually find the next one — which really takes away from the enjoyment after a while Search for “james burke episode xxx” to dial in on each bundle if you’re not seeing it from the URL I gave above… there appear to be at least up to 20 episodes