Xamarin iOS Provisioning Gotchas

I managed to create scenario where debugging from Visual Studio 2017 to iOS Simulator was giving me absolute fits because the error messages are so unhelpful… as usual, it was my own fault of course, but gosh it’s scary how easily one can fall in that deep dark pit where hopes and dreams go to die ; ) Example Error Messages Application X need to be rebuilt due to an inconsistency between the connected Mac and the local app Visual Studio cannot start the application automatically because it was signed with a Distribution provisioning profile.

Script to generate dozens of required iOS app icon images

Motivation there are a number of free icon generating web sites available which begs the question whether a script like this provides any value… but leveraging a robust image manipulation utility like imageMagick to apply unique aesthetics makes a DIY approach like this more compelling… along those lines, in the current script, i’m applying: custom “centering” – for the splash images where the icon sits inside of a larger background, i’ve found positioning the icon 2/7ths of the way down from top to be the most pleasing outer glow

Configuring VMware ESXi as a Workstation

Virtualizing Compute and Video but not Keyboard, Mouse & HDD :) Overview: i was looking for a single machine Mac + Win solution… working from one primary desktop and remoting to the other… this is of course the general posture of all the popular VM “Workstation” products but they gave me heartburn for one reason or another (see Motivation) ESXi –VMWare’s FREE HyperVisor product– can support Mac (unlike Windows Hyper-V) yet requires some configurations of HDD, Video & USB to accomplish the desired single machine workstation footprint, hence these notes