Man Cave Bling – Beer Fridge – Koldfront 80 (BBR900BL) by EdgeStar

First one was a dud out of the box. Just didn’t cool at all. EdgeStar support said it was missing coolant. Took them about 2 full weeks to turn around the replacement. They paid all replacement shipping via printed return label. It was a new serial number, not a repair of my old one, and it looked new. I am very satisfied now with this second unit and would definitely recommend it.

Word of the Day – Austere

Adjective: austere Severely simple Of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor; forbidding in aspect      “an austere expression” Practicing great self-denial      “a desert nomad’s austere life”

Richard Feynman (Nobel Physicist, 1918 – 1988)

Just kinda catching up with how “fun smart” this guy was… worked on the Manhattan project, all kinds of creative physics problem solving, “Original Prophet of Nanotechnology”, Nobel prize in Physics 1965, liked strip clubs, art and bongo drums… there are at least two semi-auto biographies out there in public circulation… I’m reading “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” right now… also a few enjoyable BBC Horizon videos featuring a fair amount of direct interview content: “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (1981)”, “The Quest for Tannu Tuva (1988)” and “No Ordinary Genius (1993)”

Very interesting (old) BBC series by James Burke – tracks the thread of inventions underlying our specialized society I’ve watched episodes 1-4 so far… 4 is a pretty good one Simply starting at the beginning seems good too Make sure you take advantage of the preconfigured playlists — look for “(play all)” — so they queue up and you can watch them straight through w/o having to continually find the next one — which really takes away from the enjoyment after a while Search for “james burke episode xxx” to dial in on each bundle if you’re not seeing it from the URL I gave above… there appear to be at least up to 20 episodes

Awesome, CAD for LEGOs!

ok i know it’s been around for ages apparently… but man that’s awesome anybody do a hard drive cage in the “technic” rivit oriented pieces yet? 🙂 highlights: it actually “knows” when you put two technic “i-beams” together on a rivet pivot point… it’ll rotate them in 3D so you can line things up with true geometry! it adds up the whole parts list and gives you a total price to physically manifest your creation people can & are publishing their custom designs it copies multi-part “bundles” and flips/rotates them easily to construct symmetric objects quickly

Word of the Day – Meretricious

Adjective: meretricious `meri’treeshus Tastelessly showy “a meretricious yet stylish book” Based on pretense; deceptively pleasing “meretricious praise”; “a meretricious argument” [archaic] Like or relating to a prostitute “meretricious relationships”