Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P6800)

(My previous go to device, the Samsung Q1 Ultra.  She served us well. 🙂 Have we come a long way in 5 short years??? Samsung’s Official Landing Page for the gtab 7.7 Highlights: 7.89mm (0.31 inch) thick – just amazing to hold 345 grams (0.76 lb) – makes for a great eReader… the brushed Alu back is nicely grippy after your hand has warmed it up for few secs (our Kindle 3G is 247g, 8.

Samsung Q1U-V Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC)

[Update: 5 Apr 2012] Just popped for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. [Update: 19 Aug 2009] Windows 7 totally rocks on this thing!!! At least as peppy as XP, probably better. has some more good photos, AT THE BOTTOM some of my own photos Samsung’s Q1U landing page (Interesting, they just (Sept. 19th, 2008) withdrew their links for the Vista model that I got –for obvious reasons– looks like the new “Premium” model with a beefier CPU is the currently promoted Vista solution) Samsung Software & Drivers Page