Exposing Azure Function web API to native & web clients through Azure AD authentication

Problem Azure AD writeups are prevalent but I was really struggling to find examples of calling the same Azure Function API, secured by Azure AD Authentication, by both Native as well as Web clients (since we can only select one app type in the Azure AD App registration, not both). TL;DR The kicker solution for me was having both a web and native App registration (i.e. two Client Id’s) and providing the WEB App registration’s Application Id as the “RESOURCE” parameter to the AuthenticationContext.

Lighter Spin on ADAL in Xamarin Forms

tl;dr new-up the elusive “PlatformParameters” in your AppDeligate.cs::FinishedLoading / MainActivity.cs::OnCreate   ts;wm (too short; want more ; ) thankfully we have solid writeups on ADAL with XF… this post is just me trying to boil it down to essence and PCL as much as possible… (BTW: ADAL = Active Directory Auth Lib… i needed it for PowerBI embedding) http://www.appzinside.com/2016/02/22/implement-adal-for-cross-platform-xamarin-applications/ https://blog.xamarin.com/authenticate-mobile-apps-using-microsoft-authentication-library/ the first post keeps the platform specific surface area pretty minimal but also winds up wrappering the stock ADAL classes quite a bit…

List all your Azure RDP’s

Get-AzureVM | #this first one gets the entire list of VMs in subscription Get-AzureVM | # this one gets the detailed object for each specific VM %{ $port = ($_ | Get-AzureEndpoint | ? {$_.name -like "Remote*"})[0].Port; $null = $_.DNSName -match 'http://(.*?)/' write-host "$($_.Name) - $($matches[1]):$($port)" }