Syncfusion Xamarin.Forms SfDataGrid – Binding to List<Dictionary<,>>

corresponding syncfusion forums post Binding to Collection<Dictionary<,>> can be accomplished but doesn’t appear to be well documented… this WPF SfDataGrid doc gave the clue. The basic trick is to set the SfDataGrid’s column.MappingName = “Fields[FieldName]”; where Fields is a Dictionary property on your DictionaryWrapper class. I couldn’t get List<Dictionary<string, object>> working directly without the wrapper […]

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ASP.Net Controller API nuggets

Write Directly to Response Stream Stack-o basically covers this already but kinda danced around how minimal the code can really be for the basic scenario…

in my experience, the ContentType wasn’t even necessary but it feels like good practice here i’m using a database layer represented by my own custom Proc class… which is […]

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Kendo UI Nuggets

Grid doesn’t like spaces in dataSource field names (I happen to be subscribing to KnockoutJS observable here to receive data feed but that naturally depends on your framework of choice.) Typical Kendo JS error: invalid template Particularly note the way the columns property is generated.

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Automatic Header Links

I envied this little eye candy on some other blogs and it was easy to throw together.   If you’re on WordPress, a plugin like Simple Custom CSS and JS comes in handy for stuff like this. CSS


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Chrome User Script – Whack page elements based on jQuery selectors

Tweaked this solution: How can I use jQuery in Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome? Install: save this as something.user.js – the “user.js” is critical for Chrome to accept navigate to chrome://extensions/ drag/drop the file to the Chrome Extensions page

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