Automatic Header Links

I envied this little eye candy on some other blogs and it was easy to throw together.   If you’re on WordPress, a plugin like Simple Custom CSS and JS comes in handy for stuff like this. CSS


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Aurelia – initial paper cuts

Baseline Wishlist for Dev Tools & Architecture JS Framework: Aurelia (i’m coming from KnockoutJS most recently and keep hearing good things about Durandal v2, aka Aurelia … namely, clean conventions based on vNext web standards, etc.) JS “evolution”: TypeScript (i’m jacked TS v2.1 finally achieved transpiled async/await support for ES5) IDE: Visual Studio 2017 (currently […]

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Developer Blog Engine Requirements

Log Currently on WordPress… Got a little itch to upgrade to Ghost from recent Twitter buzz Recording favored blog functionalities to consider towards switching engines Feature WordPress Ghost Self hosting just something to keep in mind… e.g. they specifically state not chasing nodeJS latest versions Search Built-in works great No turnkey solution yet, GhostHunter, Ghost-Search […]

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