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Mar 28, 2010 - 11 minute read - Comments

Hacking ATI x1300 into Mac OS X (Latest = Snow Leopard v10.6.8)

[Update: 2012 March 29] A commenter has his 7146 X1300 running Lion via EvoEnabler and no other mods… if you have a x1300 card that’s not cooperating with Lion, it would be interesting to try patching your bios to report a 7146 deviceid and see what happens… see the related comments below for links to corresponding tools. [Update: 2011 Sep 3] See here for my successful transition to cheap, fanless, 3 Display capable replacement for the x1300.

Jan 22, 2010 - 1 minute read - Comments

Word of the Day – Austere

Adjective: austere Severely simple Of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor; forbidding in aspect      “an austere expression” Practicing great self-denial      “a desert nomad’s austere life”

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Portable Air Compressor – Dust Out Your PC In Style : )

Good References: ToolCritic.com handy sortable list Amazon reviewer’s list I found the Bostitch Model# CAP1516 to be an obvious choice based on features, price & ratings. Pros it gets consistently good reviews excellent price: $80 street low end weight as far as these buggers go: 20lbs good air flow @ good psi: 1.8 CFM @ 90 PSI (6.2) bar which is plenty to blast your components with … it actually maxes at 120 PSI (8 bar) i like the protection the hood provides which is fairly unique if you look around the built in gauge and regulator are nice Cons no accessories included – however the 1/4” quick release is VERY standard and easily accessorized… and we don’t lose any extra cost on junky accessories challenging to mount water trap – unfortunately the protective hood wraps around the outie such that we can’t hang a typical trap right there (see trap photo below)… i am going to make due with mounting mine on the inside of the hood… there is a 1/4” threaded junction point with decent room to hang something right next to the air tank… the trap will take a while to fill up, you’ll know when it’s time when you see the water and the hood is easily removed… with a little work I might even widen a potential access hole on the undercarriage.

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Richard Feynman (Nobel Physicist, 1918 – 1988)

Just kinda catching up with how “fun smart” this guy was… worked on the Manhattan project, all kinds of creative physics problem solving, “Original Prophet of Nanotechnology”, Nobel prize in Physics 1965, liked strip clubs, art and bongo drums… there are at least two semi-auto biographies out there in public circulation… I’m reading “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” right now… also a few enjoyable BBC Horizon videos featuring a fair amount of direct interview content: “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (1981)”, “The Quest for Tannu Tuva (1988)” and “No Ordinary Genius (1993)”

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Yet Another Simple Audit Table Approach (YASATA : )

Feedback Update #1 [2009-11-15]: Two different vectors of peer feedback highlight my myopia for sending all the audit data to a single table… and yes, why the heck i felt comfortable cramming disparate data into one table in the first place seems very bonehead :)  having mirror copies of each table where the audit data resides seems much more KISS… and i figure i better scramble my design in that direction before anybody really gets cranking on this new system Another point of feedback is SQL Server 2008’s “Change Data Control” (CDC) facility… i wasn’t actively tracking on this and it’ll be great to head towards… the author even suggests that there is some support for this in SQL Server 2005… given the basic approach, coding something ourselves doesn’t seem that tough… it’s probably stuff like the built-in automatic schema change handling in 2008 that we’d be missing in 2005.

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Big Swinging Developer

Like what Jay Grieves has to say 3 Words That Guarantee Success Getting Things Done vs. Making Things Happen The Dead Simple Guide To Making Things Happen First-Rate Companies Have First-Rate Systems

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HTML <Table> tag has a handy <Caption> sub-tag

(again, who knew?!) Found it here under “Photo Albums that Wrap”. Coupled with the “display: inline” style on the table… it winds up being the perfect answer for showing nicely wrapped DVD covers (basically the same as a photo album). Don’t miss the Align attribute to place it either above or below the table. I’m sure this will come in handy in many places requiring a well contained but still wrappable block.

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The Perfect Desktop

This should really be titled “Endlessly Searching For… The Perfect Desktop”… circa Windows 7, this is a reasonably satisfying mock of OS X’s desktop: Dock Currently using StarDock’s ObjectDock for the main OS X cool factor dock at the bottom… there’s of course been others over the years, WinStep, Rocket, XWDock… while grateful for their efforts in what must be an unrewarding niche, i always wind up wanting more :)

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WinAmp Play History Blog “Badge”

update: alas, yahoo pipes is no more : (   So hopefully you’re already a WinAmp fan if you’re reading this but if not, load up the latest WinAmp (v5.56 at the moment) Orgler is the name for WinAmp’s recent Play History plug-in Sign up for a music.AOL.com account via the Orgler options menu shown below (this provides the bucket for your personal play history data… takes 2 seconds, no fee) Play some music 🙂 (a) Your feed will start showing up at a URL like this: https://music.