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Feb 11, 2012 - 3 minute read - Comments - Uncategorized

SQL Server – [SOLVED] “Unable to initialize SSL encryption because a valid certificate could not be found, and it is not possible to create a self-signed certificate."

TL;DR Generate an appropriate certificate (see below) and plug it into SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for {instance_name} > Properties > Certificate > Certificate TS;WM I read through dozens of folks wrestling with this issue and various suggested remedies (reinstalling, sysprep, etc) yet I found none addressing the certificate error directly in this way … so it seems worth getting this message out there.

Jan 10, 2012 - 1 minute read - Comments

Excel – Select (Delete) Blank Rows

From here: https://www.theexceladdict.com/_t/t031008.htm Reflecting Microsoft’s current button naming in Excel 2010… Select a column possessing representative blanks, from top to bottom. F5. “Special…” button – here’s where the magic happens… “Blanks” radio button. “Delete” ribbon button/menu (under Home tab) – “delete sheet rows” menu item.

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SQL Server Table-Valued Stored Procedure Parameters <=> ADO.Net

Nutshell: Declare a User Defined Type (UDT) Declare a stored proc parm of that UDT Fill an ADO.Net DataTable with the same columns as the UDT Assign the DataTable to a Parameter of an ADO.Net SqlCommand corresponding to the sproc Notes: The Table-Valued Stored Procedure Parameters feature was first included in SQL Server 2008 Full working project source available here Code Examples: File_UDT.sql CREATE TYPE File_UDT AS TABLE ( FullPath varchar(900) PRIMARY KEY, ModifiedDate datetime, [Size] bigint ) GO GRANT EXECUTE ON TYPE::dbo.

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CAC (SmartCard) Enabling ASP.Net on IIS

The only configuration settings required are (IIS7 screenshots below): Require SSL (this represents server side) and either Accept or Require Client Certificates … “Accept” will populate the SmartCard’s cert info to your ASP.Net Request object (if it’s provided) but won’t deny access if one hasn’t been provided, “Require” will deny access unless a valid SmartCard Cert has been provided. Tips: One key thing to be aware of how this works is that the server will send a list of Trusted Root Certificates down to the client/browser and then the browser will compare that list to the Trusted Roots represented by the CAC present and only if there’s a match will it prompt for the Certificate and PIN input.

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2011 Q4 .Net State of the Union

.Net Framework v4 New Features Parallel Linq Extensions C# 4.0 New Features (all good stuff IMPO, variance being the hardest to grok) Named and Optional Parameters – already use this quite a bit Dynamic Support – handy way to ignore the complexity of ‘dynamically’ generated type declarations (e.g. linq results & COM Interop) Co/Contra-Variance – primarily intended to make .Net Framework methods with Generic type parameters like IEnumerable “_work like we’d expect_” as is often quoted in explanatory texts (look for Jon Skeet and Eric Lippert).

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Configuring a Windows 7 PC as a WiFi Router

Update 2011-07-11: Primary WiFi client user ran into dismal buffering on video streaming… that’s primary usage scenario so PC as a Router is a NO-GO.  I loaded DD-WRT (following the wiki guide) and it’s working much better… should have done that in the first place, thanks bro! :)  (read something about a port forwarding bug in the standard build and went with the recommend VPN build) I finally gave up on my piece of sh_t Linksys WRT310N as a viable router… I can’t believe those guys can sell such crap… even on the latest firmware (09/09/2010 v1.

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Ode to Griffin AirClick USB – Radio Frequency PC Media Remote

This little bugger just so totally rocks!!!  IMHO the most compelling aspects are: It’s cheap :). They tend to go for around $10-$25. There are still some out there on eBay from time to time (not now) and also Amazon at the moment. It’s Radio Frequency technology – so you can zap iTunes to the next song from around the corner or out in the yard!!  Even my fancy iMON VFD remote is Infrared based (limited by line-of-site) and that winds up being a deal breaker in my environment… couch faces projector wall away from the PC, IR = major fail!