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Zenphoto – Hide ‘Dot’ Files

Pretty annoying there’s no easy built in way to not show images based on hidden file attribute. Best I could determine, one must implement dos “attrib” command or equivalent from PHP “exec” on every file in order to respect hidden file attribute (that sounds like way too much overhead to add on to my already pokey image gallery). I’m floored file attribs aren’t part of a more robust PHP file object but I guess this kind of stuff is hard to support in an OS neutral way.

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Add Video overlay Icon to Zenphoto Thumbnails

Edit zp-coretemplate-functions.php, look for printCustomSizedImage() function and edit it to switch to using style=”background:url(‘’)” as shown below. Configure overlay image: Start with a completely transparent png the same height and width as your thumbnails (168 pixels in my case) Find a preferred icon for the image (perhaps via Google Image Search) and paste that into your transparent background… downsizing and hiding it in a corner is a nice effect as well as adding a little bit of transparency For example:

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Windows 8 Search Drops Outlook :(

Nutshell: Windows 8 Metro search doesn’t include Outlook indexed items at all. Windows 8 Explorer can be told to search Outlook items but only with Outlook 2010 (or older). If you want to search Outlook 2013 in Win8, you must use Outlook 2013’s search. References: slipstick.com outlook-tips.net answers.microsoft.com

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Georeference Trail Map Image to mobile Google Earth

Nutshell Start with a raw PDF/PNG/JPG trail map and load into mobile Google Earth (GE) to provide live GPS tracking while you’re hiking the trails. Basic tools to obtain: A “KMZ Builder” (Android) – to convert raw image into a KMZ file. The primary task here is mapping specific pixel points on the image to their real life lat/long (aka Georeference). The easiest freebie I’ve found so far is Google’s tool for Android.

Jun 25, 2012 - 1 minute read - Comments

Hacking Profiler into SSMS Express

We can download the SQL Server Management Studio Express installer for free which makes for a convenient source for this tool when firing up a new Windows machine that you just want to connect to some servers and get to work – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22985 But SSMS Express doesn’t provide the Profiler (aka SQL Trace) component that I can’t live without. So – If you have access to a server where these “Extended Management Tools” are already installed, you can simply copy the handful of Profiler’s binary files to your drive and it’ll run fine… here’s the list… starting with a path like “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server100Tools”: binnPROFILER.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P6800)

(My previous go to device, the Samsung Q1 Ultra.  She served us well. 🙂 Have we come a long way in 5 short years??? Samsung’s Official Landing Page for the gtab 7.7 Highlights: 7.89mm (0.31 inch) thick – just amazing to hold 345 grams (0.76 lb) – makes for a great eReader… the brushed Alu back is nicely grippy after your hand has warmed it up for few secs (our Kindle 3G is 247g, 8.

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ATI 5450 with Hackintosh (OSX 10.8.5)

(my X1300 post) I still believe someone will get the x1300 running QE on Lion… the fact that the old 7187 DevID is still present in AT13000Controller gives me faith … if it weren’t for another motivation, I would just wait. My other motivation is that it would be nice to upgrade to 3 displays, adding a Dell 30” to the current 24” and projector. So, my criteria are: Fanless, reasonably Hackintosh compatible, 3 display support, <$100 (the x1300 was $30 🙂 and lastly, nothing too hot/huge … turns out, there aren’t really that many obvious options to choose from… I’ve come to understand that to go from 2 displays to 3 displays basically requires a DisplayPort capable card aka “DP” (at least in ATI land… I’m less familiar with nVidia models).

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Outlook Bulk Remove Encryption

PowerShell Script to scan through specified Outlook folder and remove the encryption flag on each email. Background: We tend to cycle smart cards over the years in my environment. The old certs from those cards must be maintained in order to be able to pull up old emails sent to you which were encrypted with your old public key(s). This also makes it interesting to hand off a PST full of emails piled up as a simple knowledge base to someone else, since you really wouldn’t want to give them your certs of course.

Feb 12, 2012 - 3 minute read - Comments

Exporting and Re-deploying SQL Server 2008 Maintenance Plans

Challenge: There’s lots of chatter out there about working around various issues related to pulling an SSIS package out of an initial definition server and then reinstalling it on other servers.  For example: INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK_sysmaintplan_log_subplan_id”. The conflict occurred in database “msdb”, table “dbo.sysmaintplan_subplans”, column ‘subplan_id’. The following scripts are my effort to bundle all the steps into something that allows me to forget about the messy details.