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Nov 22, 2016 - 1 minute read - Comments -

Solving Visual Studio 2017 -> Xamarin Mac Agent connectivity issues

this seems to be a recurring theme for me so i expect to be throwing more bones on this pile as the sands of time leave behind our lives sublime

Xamarin Forums Post

i had VS2017 doing iOS builds just yesterday but for some reason was getting persist Mac Agent “can’t connect” errors today… and zilch in the xam logs to go on, yikes… thankfully struck me to look at Mac “Console” system.log and noticed

Nov 21 20:28:50 McBeejBerg com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.openssh.sshd.D3C4B936-497A-46B7-8592-E6AC9E714711[21887]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255

… firing every time just opening the VS Mac Agent connection dialog… googled that error and tried this

sudo vi /private/etc/sshd_config # Beej: i'm on Mac Sierra, maybe why i didn't have existing sshd_config file... the sands are always shifting beneath us... but did have /etc/ssh_config (note, no "d") with this pass auth setting commented out
# PasswordAuthentication yes
sudo launchctl stop com.openssh.sshd
sudo launchctl start com.openssh.sshd

thankfully it’s actually connecting after that (phew) … for the record, same errors are still firing in mac system.log, so maybe just recycling sshd service is the huckleberry here