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Nov 20, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments -

Transcode MOV to MP4

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Digital cameras and phones typically save video to MOV (Motion JPEG) files. I share my photos & videos via a self hosted open source photo gallery (zenPhoto). MOV files must be converted to a compatible format like MP4 to stream through the readily available web video players like Flowplayer.

Script features:

  • Handles multiple files at once… even from different folders, e.g. when part of a file explorer search result
  • Applies rotation where recognized in the EXIF metadata.
  • Touches new file datestamp to be same as original.

Leverages 3rd party tools:

  • FileMenu Tools (FMT) - handy for creating a FileExplorer right mouse context menu for executing transcode on selected files
  • See new free approach for the Context Menu piece
  • HandBrake - read something that suggested HandBrake is faster than ffmpeg and that appears true on my quick comparison
  • MediaInfo - pulls the EXIF metadata to determine if any rotation is necessary


  1. save transcode.ps1 to a known location
  2. install FileMenu Tools and disable all the commands you don’t want.
  3. Configure a “transcode” command as shown in screenshot below… edit for your path
  • updated FMT Arguments: -Command "{path}\transcode.ps1" -list %TEMPFILEPATHS% -rotate auto
  1. install HandBrake and put HandBrakeCli in your path
  2. minimally, put MediaInfo.exe and MediaInfo.dll in your path

Windows File Explorer UI example

enter image description here