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Dec 2, 2011 - 2 minute read - Comments -

2011 Q4 .Net State of the Union

  • .Net Framework v4 New Features

    • Parallel Linq Extensions
    • C# 4.0 New Features (all good stuff IMPO, variance being the hardest to grok)

      • Named and Optional Parameters – already use this quite a bit
      • Dynamic Support – handy way to ignore the complexity of ‘dynamically’ generated type declarations (e.g. linq results & COM Interop)
      • Co/Contra-Variance – primarily intended to make .Net Framework methods with Generic type parameters like IEnumerable “_work like we’d expect_” as is often quoted in explanatory texts (look for Jon Skeet and Eric Lippert).  It removes a couple rather unexpected annoyances that C# 3 would’ve snagged on.
      • Covariance represents “upcastable”.  Concerns types coming out of an API.  Represented by “out” keyword, e.g. public interface IEnumerable
      • Contravariance is “downcastable”. Typically concerns types passed into an API.  e.g. public interface IComparer
      • Invariance is when something must go both in and out of a method and it can’t be declared differently on either side of the interface, it must be the same coming and going.

      • COM Interop

        • Dynamic Vars
        • Optional Parms
        • Optimized interop assembly file size
    • WPF4 New Features

      • New Controls – *DataGrid*, Calendar/DatePicker
      • Touch
      • Fancy Win7 Taskbar support
      • Easements
    • Silverlight 4 New Features

      • New Controls – ViewBox (auto resize), RichTextBox
      • Out-Of-Browser Support
      • Printing support
      • Drag and drop, clipboard access
      • More WPF compatible XAML parser
      • DataBinding improvements – StringFormat, collection grouping, INotifyDataErrorInfo or IDataErrorInfo support,
      • WCF Data Services enhancements – Direct POCO mapping via Linq queries on Open Data Protocol feeds.
      • Dynamic Support