Portable Air Compressor – Dust Out Your PC In Style :)

  • These lists quickly set my bearings on what’s out there in my low end interest bracket:
    00919224000 I found the Bostitch Model# CAP1516 to be an obvious choice based on features, price & ratings

    • + it gets consistently good reviews
    • + excellent price: $80 street
    • + low end weight as far as these buggers go: 20lbs
    • + good air flow @ good psi: 1.8 CFM @ 90 PSI (6.2) bar which is plenty to blast your components with … it actually maxes at 120 PSI (8 bar)
    • + i like the protection the hood provides which is fairly unique if you look around
    • + the built in gauge and regulator are nice
    • – no accessories included – however the 1/4” quick release is VERY standard and easily accessorized… and we don’t lose any extra cost on junky accessories
    • -  challenging to mount water trap – unfortunately the protective hood wraps around the outie such that we can’t hang a typical trap right there (see trap photo below)… i am going to make due with mounting mine on the inside of the hood… there is a 1/4” threaded junction point with decent room to hang something right next to the air tank… the trap will take a while to fill up, you’ll know when it’s time when you see the water and the hood is easily removed… with a little work I might even widen a potential access hole on the undercarriage.
  • Recommended accessories:
    • Hose – $13
    • Attachments & Fittings – $28
    • Water Trap – $20
      • ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF YOU PLAN ON HOSING DOWN DELICATE ELECTRONICS … it’s a well known fact that compressing air also compresses the humidity in the air … this ultimately results in spraying a fine mist of water all over your subject if not otherwise accounted for… honestly a little bit probably wouldn’t kill something immediately but it’s jut not the kind of thing you want to be subjecting your precious toys to on a regular basis

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