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Oct 20, 2009 - 2 minute read - Comments -

Open Air PC

Update 2015-01-07: Replacing the HDD cage fan – mine got a bad case of the rattles

  • Nutshell: Silverstone FM83
  • 92mm fan on 80mm mount holes = somewhat rare
  • Got one Jan 2015 for $16 + $9 shipping from FrozenCPU… there honestly doesn’t seem to be much availability left out there in general
  • Looks to be manufac’d circa 2007 by the packaging… nothing stays around forever = get it now if you ever think you’re going to want it
  • i’ve got a bunch of spare straight ”square” 80mm fans… i’ll probably just burn one of those “next time” even though the air flow won’t be elegant.
  • it fits like a glove in the Skeleton’s fan shroud… really tight fit but it does cram
  • i used the included grommets to secure the skeleton’s fan grill to it’s outer shroud via the stock screws since this new fan’s casing is thinner and doesn’t provide a point of contact for the screws… works great, very snug… totally silent all around
  • the speed control is a little overkill but kinda cool
  • those drives are 2 x 4TB in RAID1 for my primary backup storage so i tend to think a little TLC like this lifetime cooling is a worthwhile investment

Before: Raw Parts on a Shelf ;) (circa April 2008)

Antec Skeleton (installed Sunday 13 December 2009)