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Oct 7, 2009 - 2 minute read - Comments

Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)

The “CISS” ink kit I went with is <$60 USD and if you’re a friend I’d obviously help you set it up… this unit has been working solidly for two years now.

Once you get your head around this ink tank thing, it’s a totally simple concept which _just works_… It feels SO awesome to finally flip the bird to the whole cartridge rat race and let your family crank out ink sucking job after job without a care in the world!

It took me a while to understand a couple things and I can save you the learning curve.

Once it’s setup you literally don’t have to think about ink ever again but for a level check every six months and dump in some more super cheapo bulk ink if anything is low.

The rare ink refilling moment is potentially a little messy if you miss the tank spout … but nothing major if you work the whole affair inside of a big Tupperware container or some such… and then you just dump any spillover down the sink because it’s so dirt cheap.

I’ve been getting replacement bulk ink for ~$15 per each 8 oz. bottle of color from Atlantic Inkjet.

8 oz is a ton of ink compared to a little cartridge… for reference, the cartridges for my Canon only hold 13 mL… that’s 0.43 oz… so a bottle is 18.6 times the size of a cartridge… if you assume you can get recycled cartridges at 13 retail (~$5) [Amazon reference]… you’d still be looking at $93 for the same amount of ink you get for $15 in a bottle… that’s a factor of 6 at least… I’m typically happy if I can cut a recurring expense in half… divide it by 6 and you’ve significantly changed the game.