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May 19, 2009 - 2 minute read - Comments

Projector Cables & Connections – More Complex Than You’d Think (or “VGA vs Component vs HDMI vs DVI” :)

  • ProjectorCentral.com (2/26/01): “So what is Component Video anyway?
    • ProjectorCentral.com (4/12/01): “Is SVGA enough for good video?
    • ProjectorCentral.com (9/30/04): “DVI and HDMI Video Connections” – so HDMI isn’t some magical cure-all for long distance video cabling (at least it wasn’t circa 2004, perhaps this gap has been closed at this point… i shall soon find out… I’m getting a freebie 25ft HDMI cable with recently ordered projector, so build quality could be iffy… and i’ve gotta adapt it off of my DVI video card which probably drops a couple impedance points at the juncture)
    • ProjectorCentral.com (5/4/05): “DVI and HDMI – Copper or Fiber Optics?” – HDMI over copper should hold up over 25ft but that’s max with solid quality, after that you’re going to see some bad juju.
    • Forum.Ecoustics.com (2/14/05): “DVI/HDMI vs. Component Video — Which is Better?” – excellent coverage… finally someone makes some point blank statements of difference: “Analog component video is an extremely robust signal type… DVI and HDMI, unfortunately, are not so robust … For reasons known only to the designers of the DVI and HDMI standards, this very sound design principle was ignored… It depends upon your source and display devices, and there’s no good way, in principle, to say in advance whether the digital or the analog connection will render a better picture” (booya)
    • And it’s much of the same tossups going on with VGA vs Component from what I’ve read so far.

So basically you just have to try them all with your particular equipment… anything is fair game on what’s going to actually look best. Some other great writeups from these guys:

They have an absolutely dismal presentation for the amount of excellent hard core data they have to provide… here’s the root “commentary” list where i pulled these. And this is an excellent feature finder drop down box filter search.