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May 22, 2009 - 1 minute read - Comments -

My Pick for USB to SATA/IDE (2.5”/3.5”) Adaptor


  • Sabrent Brand, Model: USB-DSC5 – $20
  • 2A Power Supply.  I read that at least one other brand, KingWin maybe, only had a 100mA! feed… and that guy was finding that it wasn’t enough juice for a 3.5”er
  • All the cables/adapters you need… SATA power, SATA Data, gee wonder what that real small one 2nd from the left is for??
  • Normal 3 prong PC style power cable… other brands had the fairly standard 2 prong laptop cable which you might find preferable… I live in Germany and it’s easier for me to find the German style wall plug with the 3 prong cables.

As an aside, I’m swinging back to TigerDirect rather than NewEgg for a while… Tiger really screwed some things up for me at their local stores in Chicago so i was carrying a grudge… but i tend to think their mailorder business has always been decent… NewEgg really jacks you on the APO shipping… i’m such a fickle filly. (NewEgg does tend to have better product images though, so this links to Tiger but image was pulled from NewEgg 🙂 image This “Newer Technology” model looks a little “slicker” but is it really worth $10 more? image