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Sep 8, 2008 - 1 minute read - Comments -

Canon’s consumer inkjet printer + scanner workhorses

This is the Canon MP830 that I got two years ago for ~$200:

As of 07 Oct 2009 it’s now the MX860 that’s sitting in that slot… progress marches on 🙂

As with all this consumer electronics cr_p there’s no guarantees it’ll be all sunshine and daisies…The initial unit I received had some serious problems that can now confidently chalk up to a solid lemon syndrome… I returned it and the brand new replacement I got back has had absolutely zero issues and is still cranking like a champ as of Q4 2009! This model prints very decent photos… not tippy top commercial quality but pretty darn good on glossy paper. Paper seems to matter as much as ink… I’ve seen fading on some glossy stock hanging on the wall next to other stock that hasn’t.   Make sure to checkout my Continuous Ink Supply System write up