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Oracle Data Access Components – Development Installation Tips

aka ODAC start here for latest downloads Oracle Provider for OLE DB I initially found a free generic database object browser tool called Oracle Maestro… i actually wound up landing on a much better tool, linked below, but getting Maestro to work walked me through some troubleshooting which would come up for anything requiring OLEDB connectivity Maestro happened to be 32bit only and as usual, the bitness of our runtime is a fun factor… the need for an OLEDB connection string prompted my handy trick of creating a “test. Read more →

Oracle Forms 11g Development Installation Tips

Yeah I actually said Oracle Forms, that product from the 90’s… as one might guess, i happen to be on a legacy conversion project at work… There’s some rough edges getting these old bits to install and run that i wanted to capture… Background my project is tied to the Oracle Forms v11g stack… the latest 11.x version at this time appears to be we’re using the web servlet stuff which runs our forms as java applets… it’s actually a pretty slick rich client arrangement for the bygone era it heralds from the primary breakthrough i made was getting it all installed once and then doing “xcopy” deploy of the main “Oracle Home” folder (c:\oracle\middleware) to my other team members’ machines… plus the appropriate registry branch (e. Read more →

Easy Native Windows Self Extracting EXE Builder (SFX)

This is an oldie but goody… the gist is that even latest Windows 10 still ships with working IExpress.exe which is a self extracting exe builder! Who knew. In my case, very handy for bundling a batch file and it’s dependencies into a single exe for a buddy. For the record, I started out with 7zip’s SFX facility and eventually got it working but it’s a bit more clunky… besides the steps required to build an auto launch exe, you’ll get a mildly undesirable “Program Compatibility Assistant” “This program might not have installed correctly” warning… the IExpress generated exe doesn’t seem to have this issue. Read more →

VS Code, Typescript – Bare Metal New Project

i’m basically following this guide, while humbly attempting to trim down to bare necessity and re-align configs with crucial bits that’ve shifted since then… and likely to continue shifting 😐 install Node… there’s many ways but their setup.exe is handy… this includes npm from cmd.exe: npm install -g typescript (-g means globally vs project specific) install VS Code via setup.exe launch VS Code… commands inside VS Code designated as “vsc>” from here-on vsc> File > Open > New Folder > “projectFolder” > then Open that folder vsc> F1 > type “task” > “Configure Task Runner” > Enter > “TypeScript – Watch Mode” > Enter… this will create a crucial tasks. Read more →

Syncfusion Xamarin.Forms SfDataGrid – Binding to List>

corresponding syncfusion forums post Binding to Collection> can be accomplished but doesn’t appear to be well documented… this WPF SfDataGrid doc gave the clue. The basic trick is to set the SfDataGrid’s column.MappingName = “Fields[FieldName]“; where Fields is a Dictionary property on your DictionaryWrapper class. I couldn’t get List> working directly without the wrapper class “hiding” the dictionary from what I think is an SfDataGrid bug. The app crash exception call stack ultimately winds up on an invalid Linq related get_Item() call. Read more →

Android Emulator Nuggets

Installing Google Play This worked very nicely minimally for Android v7.1.1 “with Google APIs”… Need to launch emulator.exe with -writable-system -selinux permissive args grab the version of OpenGapps you want Basically follow this guide but stop at “Restarting and Creating another Image” Then adb root & adb remount and I found that I just needed to adb shell mkdir /system/priv-app/Phonesky & adb push Phonesky.apk /system/priv-app/Phonesky not the other priv-apps and I also didn’t have to create a new image vs simply rebooting Root one time Grab SuperSU Recovery Download and extract “su” adb root & adb remount adb push su /system/xbin/ adb shell chmod a+x /system/xbin/su create . Read more →

ASP.Net Controller API nuggets

Write Directly to Response Stream Stack-o basically covers this already but kinda danced around how minimal the code can really be for the basic scenario… 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627 //e.g. $.ajax(url, { procName: "", parms: {deliveryDate:"3/2/2016"}, returnParmName: "" }, ...) public class GenericProcArgs { public string procName { get; set; } //from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5022958/passing-dynamic-json-object-to-c-sharp-mvc-controller //super convenient way to receive JS object with arbitrary properties to be fed straight to proc parms public dynamic parms { get; set; } /// <summary> /// whether to titleCase the JSON property names (handy for feeding auto built datagrids) /// </summary> public bool titleCase { get; set; } = false; public string returnParmName { get; set; } } //here's the beef. Read more →