Micro SATA to ZIF Adapter

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Update: 13 Dec 2010

  • I have the board in hand now… I’ll answer preliminary questions anyone has… still planning to hold out on Intel X18 G3 before I actually try cramming it all in my tablet.
  • I opened my tablet this evening and it’s definitely not going to be a cake walk… the first commenter is right… most of us are going to be stuck with the existing HDD’s cavity which means no room to stick the adapter on the SATA end… *maybe* I can unsolder the mounting poles and bend the micro SATA connector into something close to a 180 degree reverse… stripping the SSD bare might give it all enough room… still looks like a complete long shot… otherwise, there’s soldering wires directly from board to SSD as the commenter mentioned… and *maybe* putting the sata connector on a ribbon cable, just to preserve the drive for other purposes.

Finally, we have a full product to work with that adapts directly from Micro SATA to ZIF.
My intended purpose is to convert a 1.8” Micro SATA SSD to the ZIF connector on my netbook PC… I just never saw myself pulling off the microscopic soldering job required by the piecemeal solutions posted by clever folks on the longstanding NotebookReview thread about this topic.
Doug at sales@microsatacables.com has been very helpful.
This is a brand new item they just received and haven’t had a chance to post on www.microsatacables.com yet.
Rough Dimensions: 55mm (L) x 26.5mm (W) x 7mm (H)
I’ve ordered one and will post results on fitting it in my Samsung Q1U… obviously it’s a long shot given the space constraints as always… first thought is that hopefully there’s something to be done with the giant silver box on right side of first photo… I think I can handle soldering that to some relocation wires … then it looks like a significant portion of the PCB would be safely whackable as shown in the second photo… and of course strip the SSD’s stock enclosure down to its barest essential dimensions… any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
The Intel X18-M 1.8” SSD (SSDSA1MH160G2xx) is the obvious prime choice right now but hopefully a bunch of Christmas and New Years cheer will distract me long enough to hold out for Intel’s imminent G3’s… so it’ll probably be February before I can post any results (that sound you hear is me champing at my bit).

5 thoughts on “Micro SATA to ZIF Adapter

  1. Looks to me like would need the microsata connector removed and wires directory soldered on the PCB and the 1.8" microsata SSD to allow the PCB to sit *over* the SSD. Otherwise how else would it fit in the tiny 1.8" drive cavity?

  2. Got the adapter and it's going to be a challenge to make it fit.
    Will keep you and the NotebookReview thread posted on how it goes.
    Regards, UXmania.

  3. Posted some pictures of the modded adapter in the NotebookReview thread, it is still thick but should fit in the Sony UX because the Samsung ssd i have is only 3 mm thick.
    Regards, UXmania.

  4. The thing with the sata ssd's is that the sata2zif adapter or the pata interface in the pc are the bottleneck. But there is only one way to find out…
    Good luck!
    Regards, UXmania.

    PS. Thanks for pointing out the new adapter, it made life a lot easier.

  5. Interesting but I really need mSATA SSD -> 44 pin IDE/PATA converter with a Marvell converter chip and both connectors at same height with total height under 7 mm and length, width less than 40 mm. It's easily doable without tricks.

    I've even figured out it would be possible to do adapter to allow full standard 2.5" SSD into 2.5" 44pin IDE slot, total length just couple millimeters instead of 40 but that would require custom manufacturing, assembly, connectors and maybe also custom controller chip package. Not as economically sensible to do as the mSATA->PATA thing.

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